Chequepoint, Transcheq, Harada Ltd, Worldcash, Citicruiser, Halcyon Datasys, Halcyon Datacorp & Prague Safe Deposit are some of the business ventures / products associated with Mr. Felix Grovit.

Felix Grovit

Felix Grovit was educated at Wellington College (Berkshire) and Aiglon College (Switzerland) prior to attending the Middle Temple in London to study to be a barrister. Before completing qualifications, he dropped out to concentrate on the property business which he had started some time earlier.

After disposing of the bulk of his property holdings in 1974, Felix Grovit founded Chequepoint in England where it pioneered the stand-alone bureau de change business. The initial success in London enabled the concept to be expanded in other key tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Prague and Madrid.

In today's travel-related market-place, the Chequepoint brand has achieved significant global recognition. This success has been built on the company's commitment to providing customers with value, reliability and high levels of service.

Chequepoint and its associates now operate through over 60 countries and offer a wide range of financial services for tourists and migrant workers including foreign currency exchange, international money transfer, bank to bank transfers, safety deposit services and asset based loans. An associated Delhi based company, Halcyon Datasys, offers a business process outsourcing service with a concentration on accountancy and IT software services.

Chequepoint now has more than 100 wholly owned branches and access to other networks with more than 25,000 outlets worldwide.

Over the last three decades, Chequepoint management has developed the flexibility and expertise to capitalise successfully on the major changes that have occurred in the travel and retail currency markets.

The advent of the Euro is just one example, where the loss of a limited number of currencies in Western Europe is balanced by the enormous increase in travellers originating from countries with expanding economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Chequepoint is firmly committed to ensuring that tourists, travellers and migrant workers have access to a wide range of products and services which meet their need for quality and value in an ever-changing world.

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